I Am

“What was before me Mammy..before I was born?”

Close your eyes little one, and tell me how you know it to be

“I feel the same, same as our time now Mam, the white brightness that is not me or you. Just one us.

I feel the dance of me in all things, and the dance of all things in me. Just one dance.

I feel the sea – the one I swim in – and how it swims in me. Just one sea.

I feel my toes, where I stepped in all things before, as I do now. Just one step.

I feel where I always knew you, knew all, just as you know me now. Just one know”

So..was there ever a time before you little one?

“No Mam, I have always been and will always be.


From my head to my toes”


© Joan Harold 2017