To exist in the truth of who we are and how we can live our truth is all there is.

We are fundamentally connected cellularly – to one another, to earth and beyond stars – and we know this from a core love, that rises from Source and returns there.

The fullest expression of our connection and knowing is a vibrant healthful life, where each step follows another in effortlessness, and where we walk our path and destiny from the known of Source – it is here that we live in our soul’s essence and the fullness of what that brings. This is truth.

This is where we live conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting, relationships and community. This is where we live beyond limitations and symptom to the fullness of cellular flow. This is where we live the flow of family in the highest essence of what that family is created to be. This is where our children live to lead us, teach us, show us what creation is and how to exist in their creation.

This is where our bodies move from the old into the new.

I work with Shelley Lemaire and Rony Reingold of Incoming Souls. Shelley has worked with the Incoming Souls for over twenty years. The stunning richness of her lifetime’s work (and also our work together since 2015) can be absorbed and digested at incomingsouls.com.

I work through embodied listening/connection and craniosacral touch, in the fullest flow of all that the incoming souls bring to fruition.

To exist in the fullness of our soul’s essence.. in the truth of our being.. and to fly on it’s wings…this is all there is.